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  • Plus…a Relaxing Visualization to comfort your mind and body.
“Regina Ward, RN combines the traditional methodology of a country doctor with a Holistic New Age practice.”
 - Times Chronicle
· Are you looking to decrease stress?
· Do you want to decrease pain?
· Are you in need of sleep?
· Not sure how to find the right surgeon?
· Curious what your blood pressure means?
· Wondering what your cholesterol number means?
· What important questions should you be asking your doctor?
Do you want to learn how to deal with:
Heart Disease

Blood Pressure

Quit Smoking




Relaxing Breath




Immune System

Before Surgery

During Surgery

After Surgery

and much more…then you came to the right place!
These, and many more, questions are answered by Regina Ward, a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science degree in Nursing, who has been helping patients and caregivers for over 25 years.

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